“It’s amazing to have the print so well lit without glare. No more eye strain. It enormously improved my reading.”

Julie O.

Ideal task lighting where you want it


The VE-2500 (Frolik®) slips on most glasses. Lightweight design allows you to wear it comfortably. The clips easily slide on, are non-abrasive, and carry a lifetime warranty.

Visors and baseball caps

The illuminator clips easily attach to a visor, cap, or headband. Just slide the illuminator clips onto the brim, and be sure to adjust the light using the built-in tilt. This is a great alternative for those with bifocals, progressive lenses, thick glasses or lenses.

Frequent activities

The rechargeable Li battery and constant band of light ensure that the reading and work area remain well lit. The bright light without glare is ideal for many activities:

  • writing checks and reading financial statements
  • working or reading in bed, planes, and trains
  • building model airplanes and railroads
  • reading pill bottles and food labels
  • sewing, knitting, and drawing
  • playing cards or board games

VE-2500W (Frolik) with white LEDS


VE-2500W (Frolik) with green LEDS