LuxIQ/2™ Tint and Light Exam System

Simulate and recommend task lighting and color filters
(Includes US shipping)


LuxIQ™ Light Exam System

Measure, diagnose and prescribe task lighting
(Includes US shipping)


LuxIQ™ Soft Tote

Small, foldable bag for travel 
(Includes US shipping)


VisionEdge™ with White Illuminator

VE-2500W (Frolik™)
(Includes US shipping)


VisionEdge™ with Green Illuminator

VE-2500G (Frolik™)
(Includes US shipping)


Warranty and service

Jasper Ridge Inc. warrants the LuxIQ/2™, LuxIQ™ and VisionEdge™ for defects in material or workmanship for one year from shipment and agrees to repair or replace the product (the VisionEdge clips have a lifetime warranty). Warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear, misuse, and shipping costs.

The LuxIQ/2, LuxIQ and VisionEdge are calibrated optical instruments and should be handled with care. There are no user serviceable parts, and opening the enclosure would void the warranty.


The LuxIQ/2, LuxIQ, and the LightChooser web app do not collect or save patient information, nor is the information visible to Jasper Ridge. All patient information is confidential.