Jasper Ridge Inc. innovates technology to improve human vision.

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Jasper Ridge Inc. provides science-based tools to measure and prescribe the best tint and light to optimize vision performance. Its LuxIQ™ System is the first-of-a-kind device to provide clinicians, researchers, and educators with a standard tool to prescribe task light for near acuity. The LuxIQ/2™ System adds the capability to prescribe optimum lens tints and sunglasses. Now the LuxIQ/Pro™ provides a larger field of view, broader color temperature range and full spectrum of visible hues.


Dr. Peter Borden and Michele Klein began Jasper Ridge in 2011 to establish a scientific basis for recommending light and color to improve vision. They have pioneered technologies, developed products, published papers, and presented CE courses on prescribing light and tints for vision. Dr. Borden, Ph.D. Applied Physics (Stanford) and B.S. Physics and EE (MIT), has authored >80 papers and >70 patents. Ms. Klein, MBA (Stanford Graduate School of Business) and B.S. (University of Illinois) founded 4 technology startups with Dr. Borden and led 2 optical inspection companies from inception to acquisition.

Since founding Jasper Ridge the team has developed LED-based lighting exam and rehabilitation products for eye care professionals. They pioneered VisionEdge™ lighting to improve visual performance of those with macular degeneration and other chronic conditions. Positive clinical studies and practitioner feedback led to development of the proprietary LuxIQ™ Light System, LuxIQ/2™ Tint and Light System, new LuxIQ/Pro™ and LightChooser™ web app sold to practitioners today.

Intellectual Property

Core technologies
Simulate colors and tints to specify sunglasses and tinted lenses
Simulate light intensity and temperature to specify lamps and bulbs
Provide bright light without glare
Software and algorithms
Recommend and prescribe tinted lenses
Recommend and prescribe lamps and bulbs
Other applications
Quantify dry eye light sensitivity and progress of treatment
Pediatric CVI and lighting
Know-how in design and use of equipment and devices to improve vision

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