“The LuxIQ/2 is great for assessing tint and lighting for all conditions. Hands down it is awesome.”

Deann Bayerl

LuxIQ/2™ Tint and Light Exam System

All eyes see color differently

The LuxIQ/2™ is the first standard exam tool to provide filter and task lighting guidance. With it, simulate the range of commercially available tints, and vary light intensity and temperature to optimize vision performance. Then recommend specific tints, bulbs, or lamps for each individual. (US Patent 9,820,643)

Select the best filters or tinted lenses in < 5 minutes

The LuxIQ/2™ simulates white light as seen through 450 to 580 nm blue blocker, tinted, and neutral density filters, without swapping trial lenses. Quickly demonstrate the visual effects with a scientific and repeatable method in the office.

Recommend task lighting in < 5 minutes

Optimal lighting improves functional vision for all. Many adults need more task light without glare for near acuity. Still others experience dry eye pain from too much light. The LuxIQ/2 makes it practical to vary intensity and temperature without swapping bulbs or fixtures. Recommend optimum lighting and chart patient light sensitivity over time to observe changes or disease progression.

“Using your device really helps patients better understand the lighting challenges that they were not aware of, and it helps us to provide them with great strategies.” Holly Stants, MS, OTR/L, SCLV (UPMC Eye Center)

Print data sheet:  LuxIQ-2

Power:Rechargeable battery, 5 volt charger
Physical:8.5” L x 8” W x 2” H; 1.75 lbs.
Filters:Blue blockers, tinted, neutral density
Intensity:0-5000 lux



The LuxIQ/2 and LightChooser/2 web app do not collect or save patient information, nor is any patient information visible to Jasper Ridge. All patient information is confidential.

Warranty and service

Jasper Ridge warrants the LuxIQ/2 for defects in material or workmanship for 1 year from shipment and agrees to repair or replace. Warranty excludes normal wear and tear, misuse, and shipping costs.

Now, a scientific basis to prescribe tints and task lighting!