“The LuxIQ is an evidence-based method to discuss and recommend lighting.”

Dr. Donald C. Fletcher MD
Clinician and Researcher
Sutter Health CPMC

LuxIQ™ Light Exam System

New lighting exam technology is a clinic changer

The LuxIQ™ is the first calibrated exam tool to provide task lighting assessments and recommendations. Optimal light is important for functional vision. The LuxIQ uses light levels and color temperatures to quantify vision performance and light tolerance.

People who squint

Published studies show that many need bright light of 2000-5000 lux to maximize acuity. A typical desk lamp provides only 800 lux; an exam room 600 lux. Most adults need more task light and/or less glare for near acuity. Some children are photophobic and need less task light to succeed in school. The LuxIQ makes it practical to vary intensity from 0 to 5000 lux and color temperature from 2700 to 6500°K—without swapping hot bulbs or changing fixtures. Use it to:

  • Determine task lighting needs without trial and error
  • Recommend optimum lamps and/or light bulbs
  • Educate patients in lighting concepts
  • Determine impact of color lighting
  • Chart patient lighting changes over time to observe disease progression

People with dry eye

“I had no idea how consistent photophobia is in patients with dry eye disease.”
Harvey Fishman, MD, PhD in Ophthalmology Times

Many patients with dry eye experience light intolerance. Doctors can use the LuxIQ to baseline light sensitivity and track the impact of dry eye treatment. Dry eye patients have been shown to consistently prefer substantially lower light levels (1000 lux and lower) vs. normals (3000 lux and higher) before treatment. As an example, one patient who initially preferred 1000 lux later preferred 4000 lux post-treatment.

5‐Minute Lighting Exam

To assess acuity performance at various levels of illuminance and color temperature, switch on the LuxIQ and place it over reading material, such as eye charts or newspapers. In White Mode, examine the patient with intense, cool to warm light.

  1. Select intensity using Lux slider, and keep constant.
  2. Adjust color temperature at selected intensity using Temperature slider.
  3. Record the preferred intensity (lux) and color temperature (°K).

LightChooser™ web app for LuxIQ™

Jasper Ridge encourages the use of LightChooser (www.lightchooser.com) in tandem with the LuxIQ. Enter the preferred Lux and Temperature values to recommend lamps and bulbs that best match the patient’s preference. LightChooser’s database includes Stella, Bright Reach, Verilux, Ott, and other lamps and bulbs available in the US, Canada, and Europe.

A convenient alternative to the web app is the Light Bulb Calculator. It uses the Lux value and working distance to quickly determine the optimal lumen bulb for each patient.

Patient confidentiality

The LuxIQ and the LightChooser web app do not collect or save patient information, nor is the information visible to Jasper Ridge. All patient information is confidential.

Print data sheet: LuxIQ™

Intensity range:0-5000 Lux
Color temperature:2700-6500°K
Color range:Green to red
Physical:8.5” L x 8” W x 2” H; 1.75 lbs.
Power:Rechargeable battery, 5 volt charger

Finally a scientific basis to measure and recommend task lighting

The LuxIQ combines illuminance, color, and lighting distribution for making evidence-based task light recommendations and monitoring the impact of dry eye treatments. US Patent 9,820,643