“I sit in my favorite chair and use a VE-2500 to read the Wall Street Journal. I have a new world view.”

Bob Eggerss

VisionEdge® light shines 6000 lux at 10″

VE-2500 (Frolik)

  • Brilliant white or green LEDs project over 6000 Lux at 10” and 2500 lux at 16″
  • Patented optics minimize glare and create band of light–not hot spots
  • Plugs into AC adaptor, rechargeable Li power bank, or USB port
  • Includes everything needed for use, no batteries required
  • Made in USA

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Used by leading vision professionals

The VisionEdge has been used extensively in research and clinical trials. A large study by Dr. D. Fletcher (et al.), of 152 low vision patients, 89% with macular degeneration, showed an average 2 block increase in reading performance using the VisionEdge with high illumination. VA studies by Dr. G. Goodrich further indicate that use of colored LEDs, as uniquely available with the VisionEdge, may provide increased comfort.


Easy to slide on glasses, caps, or visors

  • Slide clear clips over nose pads or headband
  • Plug in and flip on/off switch
  • Tilt to shine on text
  • Tuck cable over ear

To recharge the power bank

  • Plug the charge cable into the small “5v in” port in power bank
  • Plug USB connector of charge cable into AC adaptor (90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) or other USB port

Warranty and service

Jasper Ridge Inc. warrants the VisionEdge against defects in material or workmanship for one year from shipment and agrees to repair or replace. Warranty does not cover damage from normal wear and tear, misuse, or cost of shipping. The illuminator clips have a lifetime guarantee.

VE-2500W (Frolik) with white LEDS


VE-2500W (Frolik) with green LEDS